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Welcome to Computer Icons

“The only way you survive is you continuously transform into something else. It’s this idea of continuous transformation that makes you an innovation company. ” –  Ginni Rometty

Who Are We

We are Company Icons, a registered tech company in Nigeria, operating from mainly from Lagos, Nigeria.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make business focus on their core, while we provide them business solutions.

What We Do

We are an innovative  company that create technology driven business solutions.

Our history

Computer Icons started creating stunning solutions since 2004 but became a registered entity in 2010. We are registered in Nigeria and we are set out to create technology drive solutions to businesses while making them focus on their core busines models.

Our 6-D process



We have discovered howto put the right pegs in the right holes, and as such we do know what solution is best for every business model.



We make sure that yourend goal of what you expect of your project is clearly mapped out and we follow this to the letter.



We never assume or do what we like, rather we do what you want and like by working together to build a system that meet up with your requirements



We develop solutions from grown up using today’s technology. We build solutions that are scalable and are backward and forward compatible. 



We will deploy your solution(s) using the best system architecture that will ensure no interruptions to your business flow.



We deliver best solutions within the best and shortest time possible without compromising quality of service and manpower.

Why choose us?

We come up with best quality designs that meet up with your requirements. Top-notch, to give your business the perfect delivery, putting you ahead of your contemporaries.

With our 24X7 live support, you can’t go wrong on this one. We know how much your business is important to you and we will always be available to give you a seamless business support without hassle.

Because we know that every project has a definite goal to achieve, we do not assume but work with you to make sure the design we come up delivers and give to you your expected results.

We are made up of seasoned IT professionals who are vast in experience and are well trained and certified by different national and international organisations of repute.

What does it profit a business, investing so much and making little? Except you’re a non-profit organisation, such business is setting for the drains, and that is why we bring in techniques that makes you more profitable and increases your ROI. 

No amount you spend with us is a loss but an addition.

When it comes to Information Technology, we do know our salt and we deliver best solutions without hassle. We know what to do and how to do it. We will surely surpass your expectations.

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